WiTouch Pro Launches in Australia

uHealth Australia Pty Limited launches WiTouch Pro in Australia: The world’s first wireless remote controlled TENS device is now available for all Australian patients.

uHealth today announces that it has launched the world's first remote controlled consumer TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology in to the Australian market.

Low back pain is one of the most common forms of pain people experience in the developed world. Hoy et. al. (2010) published an Australian incidence of back pain as 7.5% and prevalence of 25%. With a population of ~23 million, there exists both an addressable installed base of ~1.4M patients and a yearly incidence of ~430,000 patients. The options for effective pain relief within this group are limited to drugs and ancillary services, with the option of surgery the last resort.

The WiTouch Pro includes two thin, lightweight pads that the user attaches to their lower back using replaceable adhesive gel pads. An automatic 30-minute treatment program is applied using a patented TENS waveform and is activated via a small remote control that also allows the user to increase or decrease the treatment intensity wirelessly. The device is small enough to be worn discretely under clothing, and contours to the user's back to maintain comfort and full surface contact.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a non-invasive, drug-free method of controlling pain by the transmission of electrical stimulus to the body’s nerve or muscle fibres through the skin. Pain relief utilising TENS is achieved by applying two clinical theories: one that suppresses the transmission of pain in nerves using high frequencies above 80Hz (called Gate Control Theory); and one that increases the release of the body’s endorphins, which reduces the sensitivity to pain in the central nervous system while prolonging pain relief after treatment using low frequencies below 10Hz (called Opiate Release Theory). The WiTouch Pro’s exclusive waveform incorporates both of these TENS theories to provide pain relief via a proprietary 3-stage waveform developed specifically for back pain relief.

“There is an epidemic of back pain building within Australia, and we are very pleased to be offering all Australians a convenient, effective option for rapid pain relief of their back pain”, Jeff Reid, co-Founder of uHealth – the exclusive partner of WiTouch Pro in Australia. “The design and engineering of this technology is market leading, and we feel privileged to be supporting such an advanced innovation.”

WiTouch Pro is available to patients and health care providers through the uHealth website, and selected partners throughout Australia. For more information on the product and its launch please contact uHealth at: