WiTouch Pro Tens Device


WiTouch Pro is the first wireless remote controlled pain relief device incorporating TENS technology to specifically target back pain.

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Back pain is a serious condition that affects millions of Australians. Hoy et. al. (2010)* published an Australian incidence of back pain as 7.5% and prevalence of 25%. The spine is the main structural support for the body and the stresses of daily activity, natural ageing process, as well as forces experienced during work or sports activities can cause back pain. The spine is a complex interconnecting network of nerves, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, all of which are capable of producing pain. There are many methods of treating back pain including massage, exercise, drugs and even surgery. Back pain sufferers need a non-surgical solution that treats the cause of the pain and enables them to lead their normal lives pain free.

*D. Hoy et al. (2010) Best Practice & Research Clinical Rheumatology 24 [769–781]

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. TENS is a non-invasive, low-risk nerve stimulation intended to reduce pain, both acute and chronic. TENS has been used as a solution for back pain for over 25 years and has been studied extensively to demonstrate its benefits. In a meta-analysis of studies examing the use of TENS therapy Johnson & Martinson* published a review of 39 randomised controlled trials. They concluded that the studies demsonstrate a "highly significant reduction in pain with the use of ENS (TENS) compared to placebo controls". In addition Fishbain et. al.* found that 376 chronic pain patients who had used TENS therapy for 6 months or more reported average satisfaction and comfort ratings of 8.19 and 8.35 out of 10 respectively.

*Johnson and Martinson, Efficacy of electrical nerve stimulation for chronic musculoskeletal pain: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials'' Pain 130 (2007) [157-165]

*Fishbain DA, Chabal C, Abbott A, Wippermein Hein L, Cutler R. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) treatment outcome in long term users.  Clinical Journal of Pain (1996) [12: 201-14]

The WiTouch Pro has 20% higher intensity output than typical portable TENS devices available today and 2.5 times larger treatment area coverage. In addition the WiTouch Pro has the following features:

  • Thin, flexible and discreet – wear under your clothing for hours of pain relief when you need it
  • No wires, bulky back wraps or belts
  • Easy to use, self-applicable and ready to use out of the box – no complicated programs and settings to learn or adjust
  • Wireless handheld remote control
  • As powerful as professional equipment with onboard controls for clinical application: 
  • Operates with or without remote control
  • Drug-Free with No Side Effects
  • Over 150 30-minute treatments before changing batteries
  • Replaceable Gel Pads for multiple applications


''I have been using TENS with my patients for over 3 decades and believe the WiTouch Pro  provides a real step forward in improving patient compliance. By combining a back-pain specific waveform, greatly-increased electrode contact area and a unique wireless control system the WiTouch Pro is an excellent option for managing the pain associated with chronic spinal pathologies'' Dr Len Rose M.B.B.S., (FACLM) (FAMAS) Pain Management Specialist, East Melbourne VIC

"I have been using the WiTouch Pro as a treatment option for my lower back pain patients and they have not only found the device to be very effective in helping relieve their pain but have loved the comfort and convenience of the wireless design''     Melinda Klarenaar B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy), Grad.Dip. (Sports Physiotherapy), High Performance Physiotherapy, Ryde NSW

 *The WiTouch Pro has been approved for use in Australia as a Class IIa medical device by the Therapeutic Goods Adinistration (TGA)


WiTouch Pro has been created by a group of innovative designers and engineers from Australia, with commercial input from an experienced team in Tennessee, USA. The key to the design is revolutionary use of technology. By working closely with suppliers and testing numerous prototypes, Katapult Designpushed the boundaries of material use and process capabilities to create a complex dual overmoulded body assembly. This hi-tech component is the heart of the design, allowing highly flexible electrode wings that comfortably hug the body's contours whilst integrating a super tough structural skeleton that ties the product together and protects the electronics. WiTouch Pro is not only beautiful on the outside, but it performs like a highly tuned machine on the inside. Our electronics partners,   Procept Australia, worked tirelessly with Katapult to develop software and electronic hardware to generate an innovative TENS wave form  in order to specifically treat back pain. 

As a result of this grounbreaking innovation and research,  the WiTouch Pro has been awarded the “red dot: best of the best”  2013 and the award for "Best in Category, Medical & Scientific" at Australian International Design Awards for 2013. Both of these very prestigious awards reflect the truly innovative design and engineering of the WiTouch Pro and showcase the excepetional talents of our local design partners in taking on and beating some of the largest companies in the world to win these awards. See below for a look into our friends at Katapult Design.




Customer Testimonials

"The WiTouch Pro is enhancing my life and is helping me reduce my dependency on pain killers. It has been a life enhancing experience" Colin (VIC)

"Great service - prompt shipping, received in 3 days - also ordered new gel pads, same great service. My wife is thrilled with the WiTouch Pro and I too love that she has relief from pain. Thank You!" Chris (NSW)

"I bought the WiTouchPro for my daughter who suffers with constant back pain and it has reduced the pain by 70%" Barry (QLD)

"I was a bit apprehensive about using it to begin with, but the device is very easy to use and is so light that I sometimes forgot I had it on" Janette (NSW)

2013 WiTouch Pro Outcome Study

Since launching the WiTouch Pro in June 2013, over 4000 Australians are now enjoying the benefits of the WiTouch Pro technology for relieving their pain. As part of our focus on patient outcomes here at uHealth, we ran a study on product usage & clinical outcomes relating to WiTouch Pro among this first group of customers. Please find below some of our key outcome measures: 

Did you experience significant pain relief from using the WiTouch Pro?


How long did your pain relief last for after the 30 minute cycle had finished?


What reduction in pain medication usage did you experience from using WiTouch Pro?